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Tagged by :iconobysuca: but am not tagging anyone else. If you wanna do it, go ahead! But I don't feel like bugging peeps.

RULES (please go ahead and ignore them)

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
6. Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8. No tag-backs
(There appears to be no number 9, somehow, so this is a placeholder.)
10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry


1. I get headaches a lot.
Plus I whine about them.
Like a bitch.

2. Being a writing perfectionist makes it difficult for me to finish anything I write. I'll just stop in the middle and be like "What crap did I just write!(..?)" and then I can't complete it. It also forces me to avoid writing the same words and phrases too many times in once paragraph/story, and I can never allow myself to misspell things like 'a lot' written as 'alot' or mixing up 'to' and 'too,' etc.
Generally, just yeah. I'm a writing perfectionist.

3. I tend to be rude quite a bit and resent my royal heritage. However despite being rude, I can't find it in me to actually yell at anyone. Sucks to be me, I won't even holler when people come by and rip fruit off our vines in a damaging way without asking permission. My mom tries to force me to because she's not too fluent in English, but all I can do is just stand there like a soldier and scratch myself. Awkwardly.

4. I seem to like using British spellings for certain words. (Favourite, colour, etc.)

5. My mind is almost never completely here. Often instead of hearing a person talking to me, I'll just hear a blurred noise while they open and close their mouth. Meanwhile my thoughts are coming up with entirely different ideas, and somewhere near the surface a little voice wonders "what is this person saying? ahh, if only I could hear them, but instead I'll end up paying for my inattentiveness.. just like every other time."

6. Sometimes I go off on a tangent and talk about a whole shitload of uninteresting things. Like right now.

7. I enjoy many different art styles, but even though I think semirealistic is amazing I usually will give it the least amount of attention. The more realistic it gets, the less I'll look back at it. My target style is probably a healthy anime/manga style. Kind of like Attack on Titan or RomeoxJuliet.

8. I can sometimes be a walking contradiction, but even I cannot beat President Jefferson. That was his forte.

9. Death is not a sensitive topic for me, and when I hear about someone's friend or relative dying I only feel awkward because I can't see it the way a normal person does.

10. Hardcore BL fan. Even have a separate dA account for it, as you all know.


1. Least favorite thing about your drawing/writing?

Least favourite, huh.. in drawing - facial expressions and general anatomy. I have a long way to go. In writing - lack of patience.

2. Favorite food?

Almost any food. I love to eat. Lasagna, curry, pelmeni, borscht (red or green, both are awesome), apple pie, canned pears, popcorn, Doritos, any chips actually, burgers, pizza, burritos, sushi, someone stop me before this gets long.

3 .Scale of 1 - 10, imaginATION~ level? : P

9 or so. I just can't write or draw half of what goes on in that brain of mine. I can however take a random idea and make a story of it.

4. How long have you been drawing/writing? And I mean, when you seriously got into drawing/writing, not counting just doodling and stuff as a kid because everyone does that lol

DUUUDE, THAT'S NOT FAIR. My drawing has always been serious, even when I was just doodling when I was a toddler. I honestly cannot remember a time before I had ideas I wanted to get down in pictures anywhere I could reach. And I have never until recently considered drawing not being my main career. (nope, not even in kindergarten when I told my teacher I wanted to be a 'girl who sells things in a shop' lol!)

5. Sword, Magic, Bow or Spear? >.>

Magic. Nothing else can beat that for me.

6. (Overused but) Favorite anime/manga?

Currently, Attack on Titan. But you already knew that if you know anything about me.

7. If you could be any inanimate object, what would it be?

The core of the earth. Nobody ever sits on, trips over, or steps on that, and it never feels pain.

8. Quick, zombie Kool-aid guy just busted through your wall "OH YEAH!" - Object in your hand is your only weapon, what is it?

An android...... *poses like an idiotic magical-girl-anime main character* "TAKE THAT, EVIL ZOMBIE KOOLAID POOFOOHEAD DUMB BUTT! I ERADICATE THEE WITH MY RADIATION SHIT!"

9. Summer or Winter?

Winter, when it's not storming. It's too tiring, all of these seasons though, by now.

10. You find a magic coconut that grants 3 wishes (can't wish for more wishes or nothing), what do you choose?

1) I wish to have magic myself.
2) Now disappear, coconut,
3) I am the new magic coconut of this world.

Ahhh, whatever, just answer the same questions I did. I wrote a bunch, but my browser deleted them all just now and I'm too tired to think up more.
  • Mood: Questionable
  • Listening to: the wind.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am an artist/writer of many aliases (often having much to do with cats, moons, oranges, a weasel, etc) so you may know me in other places, you may not. Unless you are special or have great guessing skills, you'll probably never find out.

I like reading, writing, and drawing. In that order, actually.
Reading has been a lifelong passion ever since I struggled through the alphabet and started reading chapter books in Kindergarten. If only my teacher could see me now...... I get really nostalgic.
Writing has been a fun challenge ever since my first mini book, also in Kindergarten - a tiny illustrated fable about a rabbit knocking a fox over the head with a glass soda bottle. (No worries, it was rated K! No one suffered.... much.)
Drawing is something I can't remember not doing. It started on the walls of our old house and carried into the one my assistant was born in. Ahh, nostalgia.

Since these happenings, I've also branched out into many other kinds of art, like cut paper, whittling, glass gluing, digital, food, poetry whether free-verse or non, and a million others.
Seems like any art I try usually turns out pretty well. I'm artsy, maybe because I'm a leftie? Just kidding! I do not believe any left-hand superstitions. I just try really really hard in everything I do.
To be honest, there is nothing at all weird or different about lefties, we just use the other hand.
Keep in mind, one of the few things one can offend me with is by telling me that I'm lefthandedly special or a prodigy. I work hard and strain all my senses to get my art just right, so it hurts when all my effort is dismissed as natural knack which comes easy. It is hard.
This might be a sensitive spot or me simply because of the fact that although I try hard in many areas, art is the only thing I succeed in - all other areas prove me a simpleminded fool. Which is why I hope to see a psychologist sometime soon.

Aside from gloomy topics, I love people, even if they don't often like me in real life. Online, I often have to fight off crushes, which can be tiring^^:
Please have fun on my profile, and don't be afraid to get to know me!

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